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Healthcare Reform

Are you confused about recent changes in healthcare laws? Whether you are an employer seeking to find affordable healthcare solutions for your employees or an individual seeking healthcare options for yourself and your family, Insurance Group USA can help. Our insurance experts will be happy to demystify the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called “Obamacare”) for you.

Individual Healthcare Solutions

Many small business owners and other self-employed individuals have turned to Insurance Group USA for assistance in choosing personal healthcare solutions. We also work with individuals who do not receive insurance through their employers. Even if you missed the deadline for participating in the health insurance marketplace, there may be affordable solutions available to you. In certain situations, customers may still be eligible for special enrollment in a marketplace plan. In other situations, healthcare solutions outside the health insurance marketplace may be a good option.

Employer Solutions

Did you know that your small business could be eligible for a special tax credit if you offer group health insurance options to your employees? Are you clear concerning your obligations to employees under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Our insurance experts will be happy to explain these and other details about healthcare reform to you. We’ll examine how the ACA relates to your business and help you determine the most effective and affordable options. We understand that you need to protect your bottom line. By partnering with a wide variety of reputable insurance carriers, we are able to shop around for a solution to meet your business needs and help you take good care of your employees.

In the world of insurance, change is inevitable. Sometimes change is greeted with fear. Other times it is greeted with celebration. Regardless of your feelings concerning healthcare reform, you need help and guidance from an established insurance agency. We’ll explain how the law affects you and assist you in finding the right coverage to protect yourself, your family and your employees.

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