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Gun Liability Insurance

At Insurance Group USA, we take the Second Amendment seriously. We also take gun liability seriously as well as the task of protecting our customers. For these reasons, we specialize in offering personal gun liability insurance to individuals across the country. Although certain policy options may not be available in every state, we work with many insurance carriers in order to provide the right liability coverage for customers and gun owners.

What Does Gun Liability Insurance Protect Against?

Civil Liability:

Even for justifiable acts of self defense, a claim for damages can be made against you. Civil liability claims are not costly for a perpetrator to make, even if they are without merit. All the assailant needs is an attorney willing to take his case in hopes of recovering damages from you. The cost of defending yourself against these claims can be financially devastating. We can provide legal defense coverage to vigorously defend you against these unwanted claims. Additionally, depending on your limit of liability, your policy will pay damages on your behalf where you become legally obligated to pay as a result of your use of a firearm in an act of self defense.

Criminal Defense:

Just because you think your use of a firearm in an act of self-defense was justifiable, it doesn’t mean the District Attorney will agree with you. Prosecutors can bring criminal charges against you. Protecting your freedom is costly and time consuming. We can provide you with a policy that offers Criminal Defense Reimbursement coverage if you are criminally charged and those charges are later dismissed, or you are acquitted of criminal charges related to your use of a firearm in an act of self-defense.

Personal Liability:

Our policy provides protection for your personal liability arising out of your use of a firearm while hunting, on public or private land, or shooting at organized competitions. Even recreational use at hunt clubs, gun clubs, or supervised use at commercial or private ranges.

Insurance Group USA also provides coverage options for businesses in industries related to firearms. These options include coverage for:

  • Gun stores
  • Firing ranges
  • Game preserves
  • Competitions
  • Pawn shops
  • Outfitters and guides
  • State associations

Don’t get caught without this valuable protection. Purchasing Gun Liability coverage from Insurance Group USA is the best thing to do for you and your family.

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