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Upon completion of the form below, please also email a Financial Statement (Income Statement or Balance Sheet) and copy of your Loss History over the last 5 years (if you've had insurance before) to .

Please be advised there is a $1000 minimum premium, a $250 Mandatory Volunteer Medical premium, and a $200 Program Fee. Basic Packages start at $1450.

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Underwriting questions
Does the organization provide shelter and adoption services primarily for aggressive canine breeds? *
Including but not limited to: bully breeds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chows, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and Akitas. (This does not limit us in providing a proposal to you)
Does the organization have procedures in place to evaluate animals for aggressive tendencies? *
Are animals that are known or suspected of having aggressive tendencies accepted? *
Does the organization provide services for any wild or undomesticated animals or reptiles species, whether native or exotic? *
including but not limited to wolves, coyotes, foxes, alligators, turtles, and snakes
Does the organization house only domesticated animals? *
Are all animals immunized and given health evaluations prior to placement with the adoptive of foster families? *
Does the organization require adoptive families to sign a waiver and hold harmless clause holding the organization harmless for all acts, behavior and conditions of the animal once it has been adopted? *
If the organization utilizes Foster families, do they sign a waiver and hold harmless agreement holding the organization harmless while the animal is in their care, custody or control? *
If the organization uses Volunteers, do they fill out an application that contains a waiver and hold harmless clause holding the organization harmless? *
Do you provide obedience training? *
Do you train them or use an outside firm to do so? *
Do you provide therapy dog services before fostered/sheltered animals get adopted? *
Are dogs required to pass a Canine Good Citizenship test? *
Are you a member or associated with any animal organizations like American Kennel Club, American Animal Hospital Assoc, American Humane Society? *
Do Volunteers or Employees use their own autos to transport animals or supplies for the organization *
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Fundraising events
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